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Are you ready to capitalise on digital expectations?

At Keyloop we want to make everything about buying and owning a car better. Increasingly, automotive consumers are expecting the kind of digital experience they get with Amazon and Google, and our focus is on supporting the automotive retail industry to deliver a truly digital and connected consumer experience.

Our research surveyed over 600 international car-buyers, taking a deep dive in to their motivations, behaviours and future intentions. The facts are clear; digitalisation is inevitable, and consumers are demanding a car buying experience that stacks up to those they have elsewhere.

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  • 38% of car buyers see no need to necessarily visit a dealership
  • 62% want the option to book vehicle services and repairs online
  • 93% of car buyers would prefer an extended test drive if offered

Keyloop's CEO Tom Kilroy presented a keynote digital session at Automotive Management Live recently. Watch his presentation on 'Digital Transformation: what car buyers and owners really want' and discover more UK results from the report on our dedicated microsite.

If you would like to discuss the data and insights in more detail, or discuss how Keyloop might help you in your journey towards digitalisation, please contact us.

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